A personalized and exclusive Roku Account identified by your unique e mail address is necessary to activate and authenticate your Roku Streaming Player or Roku TV. Your exclusive Roku account is an electronic repository of Roku devices, subscribed channels, account preferences and other saved settings. Roku will send notifications of all account changes and settings to the registered e mail address and keep you duly informed.  Please secure your account with an unpredictable password that cannot be easily figured out and stay in total control.

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  • Set up your Roku device and connect it to your TV using HDMI cable. We would suggest you to seek the help of Quick Start Guide included in the package. If you had missed or lost the booklet, we’ve still got you covered. You may log on to the Roku Setup and Troubleshooting page in the Roku support website where you can access a copy of the quick start guide and video tutorials.
  • The powered up Roku devices receives user input on Display settings and resolution and automatically connects the device to an active internet connection after verifying the logon credentials.
  • The Roku device downloads and updates the OS software if the device happens to run on an older software version.
  • The Roku device displays an Activation Screen on the TV with the exclusive ROKU Activation Code. Simply jot down the activation code on a paper.
  • Access the website create account from a home laptop or mobile phone. Type in the noted activation code on the text box and click Submit.
  • Use your login credentials to access your Roku account if you are a registered user already. The newly entered activation code will identify your recently added Roku device and merge it into your existing account. The First time users have to fill their First Name, Last Name and E mail address details in respective fields and setup a strong password and validate it. Proceed to agree to the Terms & Conditions and click on Continue.
  • Clicking on Continue will take you to a PIN Preferences page where you will be prompted to set a Personal Identification Number and make it mandatory to be summoned before every purchase in the Roku Channel Store.
  • The final process in setting up the Roku account is to add a Payment Method. You may be asked to choose between varied payment methods such as Credit Cards or PayPal Account. Payment Method simply collects the Credit Card or PayPal account details but does not charge the account whatsoever. The Credit Cards will be charged only when you make voluntary purchases such as subscriptions to paid channels, buying or renting games and TV shows. Such purchases are protected by PIN authentication which controls and prevent unauthorized purchases.
  • The Account Setup is now complete and you will be redirected to ‘My Account’ section which shows your account Information, PIN Preferences and Payment Method and provision to update them when needed. Your Roku Device is alive and kicking !


Product & Compatibility:

Congratulations on purchasing the most advanced streaming player from the Roku series of products. The Roku Premiere + is a lighting performer packed with a quad-core processor at its heart and high-throughput 802.11ac dual band wireless standards capable of producing ridiculous speeds. Get thrilled by the magnificent 4K resolution viewed on a 4K Ultra HD TV and transport reality into your home. The HDR powered streaming player throws vibrant images with sharp and distinctive color contrast to succeed in portraying real life imagery on screen. The original definition of Remote is restored with its ‘Point Anywhere’ feature and a cool private listening headphone paired with it.

Roku Premiere + considers any TV as a partner as long as it supports HDMI Connection. If you own a 4K or 4K HDR , it is just the icing on the cake. Roku suggests the selection of High Speed or Premium High Speed HDMI cables for televisions that supports 720/1080p and 4K/4K HDR respectively.

Roku Setup – A Walkthrough

What’s inside the Box – Premiere + , Point-Anywhere Remote , Headphones, AC Adapter , Batteries and a Quick Start Booklet. You’re advised to purchase a suitable HDMI cable depending on the type of your television.

1. Connections & Power Setup :

  • Pick up the HDMI cable and plug one end of it on the available HDMI input port on the TV and the remaining end to the Premiere + Streaming player on a similar port.
  • Switch on your Television using the TV remote and locate ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ Toggle between the Input options and tune your TV to the exact HDMI Input where Roku Premiere + is connected.
  • Power up the Roku Premiere + using the standard AC Adapter supplied in the box. The AC Adapter connects the device and the electrical power outlet and powers up the device. The Name of ‘Roku’ makes an instant appearance on the TV screen.
  • Implant the batteries in the battery compartment of the Remote and the green light instantly begins to flash signaling its readiness to pair. You may want to try newly unpacked batteries as an alternative measure to check the condition of the remote if the green light fails to flash.
  • The Remote pairs by default soon after the batteries are positioned. If the pairing is still unsuccessful, please press and hold the pairing button underneath the remote for 5 seconds or more. This action will restore the flashing green light preparing the remote for a pair.

2. Language Selection : 

As soon as Roku Premiere + switches on , the first launching feed from the device is the language selection screen on the TV.

  • Use the UP and DOWN Arrow buttons on the remote to select the desired language and press OK button to confirm the selection.
  • The Roku Premiere + switches its interface language to the selected language after the confirmation.

All the channel broadcasters may not necessarily support the selected language while some channels attempts to translate their content.

3. Establish an Internet Connection for Roku Premiere + :

Let’s gear up and connect the Roku Streaming Player to a strong internet connection through a wireless mode.

  • ‘Choose your Network’ Screen shows an index of all available networks in the wireless range. Find your network on the list and click OK to confirm the network selection. If the network is not detected for strange reasons, ‘Scan again to see all networks’ will initiate a fresh scan.
  • The Password Screen prompts you to enter the password. Remember that the password is case sensitive. To verify the entered password, you may click on Show password and make necessary changes. Example : Using Shift button to switch to a Capital letter.
  • Navigate to Connect on Screen and select it. The Roku Premiere + device successfully connect to the internet through a wireless home network which is shared by other devices such as smartphones, computers and printers in your home.

4. Automatic Software update :

As soon as an internet connection is established, your Roku Premiere + device carry out a perfunctory check for available software updates and upgrade to the most recent version of Roku Operating system. The device reboots by default after the installation of new updates for them to take effect.

5. Determination of Display Type :

The next step in setting up your device involves the determination of the suitable display type for your TV.

Select ‘Set Display Type’ and confirm by pressing OK on your remote. The device auto detects the suitable display size and type by examining the HDMI connection. You will then be prompted to choose the display resolution where you can choose 4K or 4K HDR if you had connected a 4K HDR TV. You have the option to change your Display Type and Resolution anytime in the future by accessing Settings à Display Type.

Note : Even If the Roku Premiere + is connected to a 4K HDR TV but the device may fail to recognize it if the HDMI cables are not secured on the respective ports and connections does not support HDCP 2.2.

6. Account Creation and Activation of Roku Premiere + :

A Roku account authorizes and activates your Premiere + streaming device. The Roku Account stores information about various Roku devices and channel subscriptions attached to your personal account. This account can be used to subscribe to free and paid channels and remove them at any point in the future and manage subscriptions.    

Once the Display Size and Type has been set , Roku Premiere + displays an Activation Screen with a unique Roku Activation code and an URL to create account for a Roku account. If you are already registered with Roku, you just need to sign in.

The unique roku activation code can be used during the Roku account registration process to link the account with the streaming player.

You are requested to visit using your laptop or mobile phone, drop the code and complete the registration to successfully activate the Roku streaming player. Roku never levies charges for device activation and users are advised to login into the link shared above to avoid falling prey to counterfeit websites

7. All Set !

After adding and/or removing channels, scroll down to the end of the page and click on continue to successfully complete the activation process. The Roku streaming player begins adding your chosen channels and starts streaming in no time.

The Roku Premiere + can be customized with gorgeous themes , screensavers and other interesting games and apps from the Roku Channel Store.

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